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Tom Smart to Retire as the Director of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery

April 3, 2024

(Fredericton, NB) – After seven years of transformative leadership, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery is announcing the retirement of its Director, Tom Smart, who will leave the position on April 26, 2024.

Tom first began his time at the Beaverbrook in 1989 as a Curator. Over those eight years, and with the help of an excellent team, he developed a program comprising exhibitions and tours of the art of Mary Pratt, Alex Colville, Suzanne Hill, Sarah Petite, John Hooper, Yvon Gallant, Fred Ross, Nancy Morin, Guy Duguay, to name just a few. After an impressive career at other galleries throughout Canada and the United States, such as the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and the Frick in Pittsburgh, Tom returned to the Beaverbrook in 2017 as Director.

During Tom’s seven years at the Beaverbrook as Director, his mandate was focused on creating a sustainable future for the Beaverbrook. Many major transformations have taken place at the gallery under Tom’s direction, including, but not limited to: designing outreach programming to increase diverse audiences; the creation of the Marion McCain Institute of Atlantic Canadian Art; a focus on new curatorial practices and expanded exhibition scopes; a renewed Art Education Centre; a strategic brand update and new website; and a new corrected name - Musée des Beaux Arts Beaverbrook/Beaverbrook Art Gallery; and last but not least, a new architectural direction with the construction of the accessible, welcoming, and community-facing Harrison McCain Pavilion.

“I am proud of the work we’ve accomplished at the Beaverbrook over the last seven years.” says Director of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Tom Smart. “I am confident that our excellent team will continue moving the Beaverbrook forward as it embarks on a new strategic plan under new leadership. I send my sincerest thank you to each member of our Beaverbrook team and to the Board of Governors who have worked alongside me during my time here.”

“The Beaverbrook Art Gallery has been honoured to have Tom Smart as its leader for the last seven years,” says Jamie Irving, Chair of the Beaverbrook’s Board of Governors. “The Beaverbrook has thrived as an institution under Tom’s strategic and creative leadership, which led to the creation of a community and cultural hub for the province. Tom is leaving the Beaverbrook in a prime position for a new Director to build on his successes.”

The Beaverbrook Board of Governors is currently in the process of an international search for its new Director. During the search process, the Beaverbrook will be managed by a three-member interim leadership team, with focuses on curatorial, operations, and profit centers, which will report to the Board until a new Director is hired. The Beaverbrook Board looks forward to continuing to build on the success of Tom Smart’s tenure as Director when a new Director is brought on board.

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