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Your gift sustains the Beaverbrook Art Gallery for today and into the future.


Leaving a bequest allows you to make a charitable donation that you may not have been able to during your lifetime.


  • Reduced taxes
  • Leave a lasting legacy
  • Flexible and revocable

How it Works

  • A will bestowal is as easy as naming the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in your will or adding to your existing will.
  • You can designate a specific dollar amount or a fixed percentage of your estate to the Beaverbrook. You can also request that the principal of your charitable bequest be held in an endowment.
  • The designated amount may be directed towards the gallery’s general needs or to a specific category that matters to you.
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Donating your life insurance is one of the simplest ways to make a significant contribution to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.


  • Tax benefits during your lifetime or on your estate
  • Make a significant donation for a comparatively small premium
  • Works for new or existing policies

How it Works

  • Depending on how you donate your life insurance, you will enjoy tax benefits during your lifetime or on your estate.
  • You will receive a charitable gift receipt when transferring an existing life insurance policy to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.
  • If you are applying for a new life insurance policy with the gallery as the owner, you will receive a tax receipt for the premiums you pay.
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A donation of publicly-listed stocks, shares or securities provides donors with significant tax advantages.


  • Eliminate taxable capital gains
  • Carry forward excess credit
  • Leave a lasting legacy
  • Easy handling

How it Works

  • When you donate stocks and shares directly to the BAG, your taxable capital gains are eliminated.
  • Excess credit may be carried forward for up to five years if your donation exceeds the amount eligible for a tax credit in the year your donation is made.
  • If you leave shares, stocks or securities to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery through your will, your estate will receive the same tax benefits.
  • Stocks, shares and securities can be transferred electronically. Simply complete the transfer form to get started.
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Leave a permanent legacy. Whether you create your endowment in life or through your estate, your fund will make a real difference to the gallery and leave a permanent legacy for you, your family or anyone you wish to honour.


  • Involve future generations
  • Defer taxes
  • A flexible way to give

How it Works

  • Connect future generations of your family to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.
  • If you create an endowment fund through your estate, your gift will help your estate avoid certain taxes, such as capital gains tax.
  • Money or other financial assets are bestowed to The Beaverbrook Art Gallery.
  • A share of the annual earnings generated each year is used to support our operations, acquisitions, exhibitions, outreach and programming. With income generated in perpetuity, a legacy in your name or the name of a loved one will be created.
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Donating your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) is a flexible way to give to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery while enjoying tax benefits.


  • Reduced taxes
  • Leave a lasting legacy
  • Low cost

How it Works

  • Simply include The Beaverbrook Art Gallery in the beneficiary information of the plan document and then advise the institution holding your retirement account of the change. By naming multiple beneficiaries, you can still ensure loved ones are cared for while donating to the gallery. A tax receipt for the value of the investment gifted will be issued to your estate and applied toward the final income tax return.
  • Your retirement fund taxes are offset by the tax receipt issued by the gallery for the full amount being transferred.
  • The Beaverbrook will direct your gift towards areas of greatest need, or you can designate your fund to a particular program.
  • An easy, low-cost alternative to leaving a bequest gift in your will.
*We recommend you consult with your investment advisor, accountant, or lawyer when considering planned giving.
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The Beaverbrook Art Gallery welcomes gifts of works of art that enrich the caliber of the Gallery’s renowned permanent collection, and help to fill significant gaps in our holdings. 

Our priorities and guidelines for building the collection guide the decisions concerning whether an artwork should be considered for acquisition. These include the work’s quality, cultural significance, condition, any costs of acquisition/restoration/conservation, and its connection to our existing permanent collection and collecting priorities. 

When you donate a work of art, you receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of the work, based on a current appraisal. If we acknowledge it as a work of national importance, it is possible that the gift can by certified by the Cultural Property Export Review Board, where a jury determines if your donation may be exempt from capital gains tax. 

Please contact us if you have a work of art you are considering for donation.
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