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Family Day

May 26, 2024May 26, 2024

Sunday, May 26 from 12 - 3 PM: We invite families to join us for our May Family Day to celebrate spring and sustainable creativity! There are nine art activities, including printmaking, painting, plasticine and more, climate science with Science East, energetic outdoor play with Go-Go Gymnastics, and activities with the Multicultural Association of Fredericton. An accessible day for those of all ages, admission is by donation.  

Art Activities include:

Printmaking with Anne Stillwell: Join local artist Anne Stillwell and explore printmaking inspired by the natural world! 

Shadow Theatre: Families can enjoy using overhead projections to create and play with simple materials, found objects, and build new stories. As featured in The Conditions project. In collaborating on a shadow world, we will examine how the choreography of shape and colour affects our sensations. 

Art buttons and magnets with Natasha LeBlond: Make a statement about climate and creativity on a personalized button or magnet! 

Painting with Alina Karmadanova: Join artist Alina Karmadanova and create a picture of nature spirits and fairies on photographs of local landscapes inspired by Kathy Hooper's art!  

Tatreez with Laila Abuamer: Join passionate artist and interior designer Laila Abuamer and discover the ancestral art of tatreez, an ancient art form that embraces sustainability and documents the journey of Palestinian stitchers for over 3000 years. Learn to create visually captivating, meaningful pieces that inspire and celebrate nature and its connection with its people.  

Plasticine art with Peggy Holt: join artist Peggy Holt and get creative with plasticine, cardboard and recycled materials! 

Lego art station with artist Faith Howe: Visit the artist-in-residence studio to make lego art!

Tapestries of Unity: The Multicultural Association of Fredericton will help family day participants celebrate the diversity of our world by creating a tapestry about the equal value of all its threads, regardless of colour. Engaging with the themes of climate and creativity, participants will craft their own piece of a larger tapestry by decorating wooden craft sticks. These adorned sticks will then be assembled into a large collective tapestry wall hanging, symbolizing the interconnectedness of cultures and our shared responsibility toward the planet.  

Climate Science: Science East educators will demonstrate climate science with creative activities for family day participants.

Outdoor fun station with Go-Go Gymnastics.

1:00 pm Performance by YAGER choir: Celebrate Asian Heritage Month with a performance by YAGER choir! Formed in 2023, YAGER is a Chinese community choir of over 40 members from Fredericton and Moncton and was created by musicians from the National Cultural & Creative Association of Canada (NCCAC). The choir primarily focuses on performing traditional Chinese art songs and folk music while also exploring classical and various musical genres. Conductor: Charles PanVocal Instructor: Lucy Huang

Chalk mural in the courtyard with Cheryl Weekes.

An East Coast Leadership Academy info booth and an interactive Ocean Map will be set up in the Harrison McCain Pavilion.

The National Cultural & Creative Association of Canada (NCCAC) is a non-profit organization formed by immigrant artists and art enthusiasts throughout Canada. It serves as a platform for fostering creative expression and cultural exchange. Through various artistic mediums, the NCCAC endeavours to bridge cultural divides and promote integration within Canadian society.