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Volunteer Guide Program

A rewarding experience that supports our mission of enriching lives through art.
Become a Volunteer Guide
Perfect for art lovers and anyone interested in a satisfying community experience. Our volunteer guides provide crucial connections between people and art, offering over 200 gallery tours to visitors each year. No previous experience is necessary. Training is provided. New guides are accepted into our program every September.
Roles and Responsibilities
Volunteer guides actively involve visitors in the interpretation and understanding of art by sharing visual literacy tools. They explain the exhibition’s concepts and the context for the art and facilitate discussion. Volunteer guides must be sensitive to visitor differences, including learning styles, cultural backgrounds, ages, and special needs. A volunteer guide will research, prepare and conduct 25-30 tours of approximately 12 new exhibitions a year.
New volunteer guides are accepted into the program each September. They must attend training sessions at the gallery every Monday at 10 am from September through May. The sessions are two hours long and cover four main areas: art education practices, art history, our collection, and new exhibitions and ideas. Sessions include presentations and activities led by our education staff, artists, curators and art historians. All volunteer guides receive a manual to accompany their training.
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