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We give teachers excellent art education resources to support them in the classroom and beyond.
School Tours
We offer 75-minute exhibition tours designed for school groups. Students are encouraged to find meaning in art and strengthen their visual literacy and thinking skills. This unique group education experience exposes students to several exhibitions, including Canadian, British, European, and contemporary art. We recommend booking three weeks in advance.
Tour Options
Our Education Coordinator is available to help with any questions you may have.
Phone: (506) 458 2028.
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Art Education Resource Package
A fresh set of art lesson plans featuring art from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery's collection and classroom-ready art activities. Created by art educators Emilie Grace Lavoie, Adda Mihailescu, Jennifer Pazienza, Christina Thomson and Wendy McLeod MacKnight, in partnership with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.
Edukit is an online art education resource for elementary school teachers. It presents 22 works of art by Anglophone, Francophone and First Nations artists, including 11 New Brunswick artists. Each artist is represented by a piece of art from our collection. Along with a high-resolution reproduction, there’s an artist biography, discussion section, glossary, activities, and a list of online and bibliographical resources for further research. The Edukit complements art curricula and connects art with other disciplines such as social studies, literacy, science and math. 

Edukit was made possible by funding from the Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation and the Province of New Brunswick.
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Check out the creative videos below, made in partnership with Kidoons where you can explore the gallery and our collection!

Pack your BAG! Joe Otter’s Mission to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Episode 1
Joe Otter and his pal Billy Mink hear about a new initiative at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Billy rattles off a rapid-fire history of Lord Beaverbrook and his iconic building. Joe receives a call from Captain Nemo, who explains how important the gallery is for artists and art-lovers everywhere.  He sends Joe on his first mission: to bring back the key to the Beaverbook and its stories! With Billy at Joe’s side, Nemo zaps them into action, and to the next episode in the series.

This MOM (Multimedia Outreach Module) is the first in a series created in partnership with the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and Kidoons, in association with The 20K Collective.

BAG-story! Joe and Billy hunt for the key at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Episode 2
Billy Mink and Joe Otter are transported to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery by Captain Nemo. A painting by William Orpen comes to life: it's Mona Dunn, known as the "most beautiful girl in England"! Mona takes Billy and Joe to some important paintings in the gallery, showing how art transformed from representational (Merrymaking by Cornelius Krieghoff), to impressionist (Forest Glade by Emily Carr), to abstract (Hameau, by Jean-Paul Riopelle). Billy and Joe realize that the gallery is important to show how art keeps changing… but can they find Nemo's key in time?

This MOM (Multimedia Outreach Module) was developed in partnership with the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, and is part of an ongoing story connecting Joe Otter's "Atlantic Otter" series with Billy Mink's "Maritime Mink" series. Stay tuned for more episodes!

You can view our entire collection digitally by clicking here.
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