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Thaddeus Holownia (Canadian, 1949 – ). 14 place Adolphe Chérioux, 15e (detail) from the series: Lintels of Paris. Archival pigment print from 4”x10” film negative.

Thaddeus Holownia: Lintels of Paris

January 7, 2020June 19, 2020

While internationally-renowned New Brunswick-based artist Thaddeus Holownia has devoted much of his life to photographing natural vistas, human intrusion into our environment, and the effects of wear and change in the built landscape over time, he has recently captured the urban qualities of Paris, its quartiers, and its exquisite architectural details. Working with his trusted large-format banquet camera, he has completed a series of horizontal portraits of carved stone lintels sitting atop the large doorways that line the streets and sidewalks of France’s capital. This exhibition, presented in conjunction with the launch of a publication, is the first time this selection of lintel images has been seen in public.

Curated by John Leroux and organized by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.