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Epekwitk Quill Sisters: Etleoogoeiog (Talking Together)

July 18, 2024March 16, 2025

The Epekwitk Quill Sisters, a collective of Mi'kmaw women artists Kay Bernard, Melissa Peter-Paul, and Cheryl Simon, are deeply committed to strengthening and sustaining the ancestral knowledge and practice of Mi'kmaq porcupine quillwork. Since 2019, they have been building an artistic community guided by Mi'kmaq principles of support, guidance, and respect for one another and non-human beings. Their art serves as a dialogue with the creations of ancestral women makers, intrinsically intertwined with their roles as mothers, aunties, and caretakers.

The exhibition Epekwitk Quill Sisters: Etleoogoeiog (Talking Together) is more than a celebration of the evolution of Mi'kmaq porcupine quillwork. It underscores the significance of family and sisterhood among the artists, the artistic lineages they benefit from and are creating, and the rich quill art histories that influence their work. This exhibition is a testament to the awe-inspiring journey of Mi'kmaq porcupine quillwork and the artists who carry these legacies.

Curated by Emma Hassencahl-Perley and organized by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.