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July 21, 2022November 20, 2022

Challenging Realities – Réalités complexes 

Confrontation is how we grow, adapt, learn, and survive.  

This exhibition weaves consequences, conflict, adversity, and change in an effort to foster reflection and response to our personal and collective (and sometimes uncomfortable) realities. Contemporary and historical artworks from the permanent collection can help us ask questions and open a dialogue regarding the universality and circular nature of resilience, resistance, and growth. To encourage understanding, we need to challenge and empathize with the marginalized, difficult, and often ignored experience of subjects, realities, and social conceptions. 

We have selected works that urge viewers to look inward, as well as to recognize today’s ever-changing world. We hope this exhibition reflects the historical context of the present day and sheds light on the various eras out of which the works arose.  

Curated by Adda Mihailescu, Emilie Grace Lavoie, Dhanishta Ambwani, and Eliza Wolfe.