On display now: Portrait of a Lady Fern and A Study of Flora, Fauna and Fungi

Beaverbrook Art GalleryDecember 11, 20180 Comments

Portrait of a Lady Fern and A Study of Flora, Fauna and Fungi, by Janice Wright Cheney; part of the exhibition Depository Park.


These two artworks reflect Cheney’s interest in forests, and specifically Odell Park. This sample of old growth forest, along with the biodiversity, health, and richness of life it presents is very important.

In her words, “I have interpreted the forest of Odell Park as a mille-fleurs tapestry. A fern is embroidered over a photographic image of the Odell woods printed on linen, while an inventory of small specimens collected in the park emphasizes the diversity of life in the old-growth forest.

“Mille-fleur” refers to a Medieval European style of tapestry in which small flowers and plants are represented, often against a dark green background. This type of fabric provides the background to embroidered work – in this case, a fern from Odell Park.


Depository Park is curated collectively and organized by Connexion ARC. It is on display at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery until December 16, 2018.

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