Letter from the Director

Beaverbrook Art GalleryDecember 18, 20200 Comments

I hope this letter finds you, your families, friends and colleagues all safe and well in these challenging times.

We are sending you our best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.  As many have asked about the Harrison McCain Pavilion construction progress, I am also including a brief update.
There are now clear signs of the enormous amount of work that has happened over the past 7 months .    

Demolition work has been completed on the building façade with the removal of the bricks and other coverings. After some covid related supply chain delays, we hope to see the structure of the new building soon.

The majority of the work, however, has taken place out of sight - below ground and in the interior.  The concrete footers and other foundation elements have been poured and are becoming evident at street level. Below ground, there has been extensive new work on drainage, plumbing and sprinkler systems. 

Inside the building, virtually the entire building is impacted by the construction.  The previous main entrance areas – on the main floor and the lower level are removed, including the lower level washrooms where reconstruction work is beginning that will result in fully accessible facilities. The original buildings have roof and wall work being done – all long overdue – and necessitating the relocation of and special protections for all art.

May you all enjoy a safe holiday season. I look forward to keeping you updated with news of the project’s progress and our ongoing activities for families across New Brunswick.

Best wishes,
Tom Smart
Director & CEO

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