Beaverbrook Art GalleryNovember 24, 20170 Comments

Collecting our thoughts: The Lucile Pillow Collection of English Porcelain

The Lucile Pillow Collection of English Porcelain was given to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in 1959 by Lucile (Mrs.Howard) Pillow, a patron of the arts, a friend of Lord Beaverbrook, and a founding member of the gallery’s first board of governors. The pieces in this collection can be referred to as either china or porcelain. The term ‘porcelain’ is derived from the Italian word porcellana and refers to the material from which it is made; ‘china’ is named for the region where it was first developed.

Everything in the display was produced between 1743 and 1840, a period often referred to as the Golden Age of English porcelain. It includes teapots, tea cups, coffee cups, sauce boats, butter…

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