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Request for Proposals - Beaverbrook Café

February 3, 2023

As the officially designated provincial art gallery of New Brunswick, and one of Canada’s leading visual art institutions since 1959, The Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s mission is to bring art and community together in a dynamic cultural environment dedicated to the highest standards in acquisitions, exhibitions, programming, education and stewardship. 

In September 2022, the Gallery opened a 9,000 sq/ft expansion to the existing facility, making it one of the largest art galleries in eastern Canada. This new space includes a modern café servery and guest lounge area, known as Café Beaverbrook. The Gallery welcomes tens of thousands of guests annually and maintains best in class services for guest enjoyment of significant international cultural holdings, educational art programming, and public engagement events. 

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery requires a contract service provider to operate Café Beaverbrook and is now welcoming proposals

The Gallery welcomes proposals that include operation of the liquor license, including the serving of alcohol at Café Beaverbrook as well as all internal events and external rentals hosted by the Gallery requiring liquor service. 


The Beaverbrook Art Gallery requires a contract service provider to operate Café Beaverbrook, located within the new Harrison McCain Pavilion at 703 Queen St. in Fredericton, with a goal to enhance the day‐to‐day experience of customers through the provision of high quality, affordable food and beverage in an environment focused on a positive customer experience. 

The Gallery also welcomes, included in the proposal, offer by the contract service provider to operate the liquor license for the entire facility. This would allow service of alcohol from Café Beaverbrook, as well as bartending services for all events and rentals held throughout the Gallery. 

The Gallery has a robust rentals program and internal event schedule. In 2019 the Gallery hosted in excess of 120 events, many of which were accompanied by Gallery bar service, welcoming an additional 14,000~ guests to the facility. 

This contract shall be carried out without any operational subsidy by the Gallery and shall result in a percentage based revenue stream for the Gallery, commensurate with the success of Café Beaverbrook. 

Gallery Schedule Subject to Change, Schedule May Vary on Holidays 

The Gallery is open to the public during the following hours; Café Beaverbrook must be open for a minimum of the same time period (could potentially open at 8:30am): 

  • Mondays 10:00am – 5:00pm (Closed Mondays Fall-Spring
  • Tuesdays 10:00am – 5:00pm 
  • Wednesdays 10:00am – 5:00pm 
  • Thursdays 10:00am – 9:00pm 
  • Fridays 10:00am – 5:00pm 
  • Saturdays 10:00am – 5:00pm 
  • Sundays 12:00pm – 5:00pm 

Fee Proposal 

Prospective contract service providers are invited to submit proposals with respect to revenue percentages to be remitted to the Gallery monthly for the duration of the contract period. Proposals are to be in the form of total percentage of Gross Sales from Café Beaverbrook to be provided to the Gallery as a form of monthly “rent”. 

Proposals inclusive of liquor license operation for the entire Gallery should also reflect revenue percentages from alcohol sales to be remitted to the Gallery. 

Accompanying the proposal, the Gallery requests a general concept high-level business plan, as well as a sample menu with price points. 

Contract Period 

  • The initial contract period will be for duration of three years, beginning as soon as possible. 
  • Following this initial contract, an agreement with the successful service provider may be renewed without competition based on satisfactory performance. 
  • The contract service provider will advise the Gallery on September 1, 2025, if they wish to extend the contractual relationship. 

Requirements of Contract Service Provider The successful contract service provider must: 

  • Be approved to provide food service, as well as service of alcohol if applicable. in the province of New Brunswick and supply supporting documentation. 
  • Be registered with WorksafeNB and provide supporting documentation. 
  • Have commercial general liability insurance coverage for all employees and activities, at a minimum of $2 Million, and provide supporting documentation. 
  • Supply professional employees suitable for a public facility, and any equipment they deem necessary for operations. 
  • Provide completed criminal record checks, for all employees assigned to work at the Gallery. Checks must be dated no earlier than six months prior to commencement of duties at the Gallery. 
  • Agree that either party may terminate any contractual agreement with 90 day written notice. 
  • Terms outlined in this request for proposals are subject to change and may not reflect the final awarded contract. 

Facility Visits 

Prospective contract service providers may request a site visit to view the Café Beaverbrook space by contacting: Veronica Koo Gallery Services Coordinator Proposal Submittal 

All proposals must be submitted by email no later than 5:00pm Tuesday February 28, 2023 to: Sandra Nickerson 

Business Services Manager 

Expanded Details 


  • The contract service provider will manage and operate all segments of the Café Beaverbrook operations including purchasing, production, service, sanitation, personnel/supervision and accounting in an efficient and professional manner in the space allocated. 
  • The contract service provider will manage and maintain the foodservices in accordance with all laws, ordinances, regulations, licences held, and the regulatory policies of Federal, Provincial and Municipal authorities. 
  • The contract service provider will maintain an inventory of foodstuffs, goods and supplies as may be necessary and appropriate for the efficient operation of the foodservices and supply all necessary working capital for the effective provision of all food related services. 
  • The contract service provider will procure all foods, beverages, foodwares and operating supplies, ensuring the highest degree of quality in all aspects of the operation. 
  • The contract service provider will provide and maintain a cost control program that ensures a judicious balance of high-quality operations combined with cost savings that will reflect favourably on the Gallery. 
  • The contract service provider will refrain from using any facilities or equipment made available to the contract service provider in connection with any operations which are not part of the foodservice operations. 
  • The Gallery reserves the right to utilize the facilities or equipment when necessary. 
  • From time to time, it may be necessary to close the facilities for internal/external events. A minimum of 48 hours notice will be given. The contract service provider must continuously 
  • protect the Gallery’s property from damage, injury or loss arising in connection with the contract. The contract service provider shall make good at its own expense any damage, injury or loss to the property. 
  • In the event that any system or equipment appears to be unsafe, the contract service provider must take interim remedial action and immediately notify the Gallery of any issues, remaining at the site until steps have been taken to protect the public and occupants from the hazard or condition. 
  • The contract service provider must inform the Gallery and confirm in writing of any hazards, malfunction or unsafe condition, and state how the situation was resolved or what remedial action was taken. 
  • The contract service provider must comply with fire regulations, the local fire department and the Fire Marshall, and keep the foodservices premises free from rubbish and debris of all kinds. 
  • Video surveillance of the servery and café is in place and maintained by the Gallery. 


  • Café Beaverbrook is fitted with a variety of high-end café operation equipment (appendix A). All maintenance costs associated with the equipment provided by the Gallery will be the responsibility of the Gallery. The contract service provider will be responsible to maintain the equipment in good standing and if found at fault of damaging the equipment it becomes the contract service provider’s responsibility. 
  • Café Beaverbrook currently has 10 tables with 4 chairs at each table, plus 4-6 additional comfortable seats and a bench at the fireplace. 
  • Additional equipment and material the contract service provider deems necessary for Café Beaverbrook operation may be procured and installed/used at the expense of the contract service provider, following permission from the Gallery. 
  • Menu boards or monitors (upon the Gallery’s approval), point of sale terminals and all point-of-sale software are to be supplied by the contract service provider. 
  • All small wares required for the operation are to be provided by the contract service provider, the inventory of which is to be maintained in an efficient manner and in accordance with operational demands. 
  • The contract service provider shall take proper care of all equipment and furniture and shall operate and maintain all such items in a safe and proper manner. 


  • The Gallery is committed to providing an environment that promotes human rights and equity, and does not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on, grounds of race, religion, gender, disability, ethnicity, national origin or sexual orientation. 
  • The contract service provider will be deemed an independent contractor. Contract service provider's personnel are employees of the contract service provider and will not for any purpose be considered agents or employees of the Gallery. 
  • The successful contract service provider shall provide the services of qualified and experienced on‐ site foodservice management and supervisory personnel, who shall be totally responsible for the supervision of all food services and foodservice employees. 
  • The contract service provider shall provide and maintain an adequate staff of skilled and qualified operating personnel necessary for the efficient operation of food services. Correspondingly, trained relief staff shall be available to substitute for the contract service provider’s regular personnel during absence for whatever reason. 
  • The contract service provider assumes full administrative responsibility for the wages and benefits provided for all of its management and other full‐time and part‐time personnel provided. 
  • The contract service provider shall select, supervise, train and, if necessary, discharge any and all persons employed in foodservice operations. 
  • The contract service provider assumes responsibility for its own labour relations with the Union(s) representing its employees, if applicable, and shall negotiate and be responsible for resolving all disputes between itself and its employees. Whenever the contract service provider has any knowledge that any actual or potential labour dispute could, or threatens to, delay the timely performance of services, the contract service provider shall immediately give notice to the Gallery and provide an interim solution to ensure there is no disruption of service to Gallery and its patrons. 
  • Subcontracting of any portion of the foodservices will be permitted only with the prior written consent of the Gallery. 

Financial Requirements and Relationship with the Gallery 

  • Within 30 days of the end of each month, the contract service provider will provide the Gallery with a consolidated statement of revenues and expenses for Café Beaverbrook operation, payment based on said statement, as well as guests served count. Failure to provide payment within this timeframe will result in penalty of 10% of the amount owing per month. 
  • The contract service provider shall attend scheduled meetings with the Gallery representatives and other stakeholders, as requested, in order to address suggestions, requests and complaints. 
  • The foodservice facilities will be subject to periodic inspections of service, food quality, safety, and sanitation practices by representatives of the Gallery at such times and in such a manner that will not unreasonably interfere with the use of the premises or with the conduct of business. Any deficiencies revealed through these inspections are to be resolved to the satisfaction of the Gallery, within a specified time. 
  • All initiatives for Café Beaverbrook proposed by the contract service provider having significant financial, service or environmental impacts must have prior approval of Gallery. 
  • The contract service provider shall pay Goods and Services Tax, Provincial Sales Taxes and any other government taxes, customs duties and excise taxes related to food and beverage sales and service. 
  • The contract service provider will provide the Gallery immediately upon receipt, copies of all health certificates, inspection and safety reports made by authorities having jurisdiction, concerning the foodservice premises. 


  • The contract service provider will ensure serving trays, dirty dishes and other wastes are removed from the foodservice area on a regular basis during the hours of business. 
  • The contract service provider will establish all sanitation procedures indicative of competent and experienced foodservice management, and be responsible for the sanitation methods, schedules and supervision pertaining to the entire Café Beaverbrook operation on site. 
  • The contract service provider will clean all equipment, floors, walls and ceilings in all kitchen, serving, storage and dishwashing areas. A Gallery representative will inspect the premises periodically to ensure that the required cleaning standards are maintained. 
  • The contract service provider will clean the tables and chairs in the foodservice seating areas on an as needed basis and daily after regular hours. 
  • The Gallery will provide limited daily janitorial service including mopping/dry mopping and garbage pick-up. 
  • The Gallery reserves the right to undertake, at the expense of the contract service provider, any necessary cleaning or corrective procedures which are not being properly provided to maintain food service facilities. 
  • The Gallery endeavours to meet and exceed its formal obligations for protecting the environment, out of a sense of responsibility for the safety of the environment as a shared resource and as a guiding principal for its operational management, and expects the Café Beaverbook contract service provider to follow this same principal. 
  • The contract service provider is responsible for removal of garbage and recyclables from the foodservice areas to on‐site garbage holding areas. The Gallery will be responsible for removal of garbage from the premises. 


  • All foods served shall be wholesome and free from spoilage and decay. Uncooked items such as fresh fruits shall be clean and free from blemish. All foods shall, when served, be attractive in appearance and correct in temperature and consistency. 
  • Display and serving areas shall be clean, orderly and attractive at all times. Any spillage or soil spots shall be removed promptly from serving counters and adjacent areas. 
  • Food service areas are to be well stocked throughout the posted serving hours. Products should not run out more than 15 minutes prior to closing time. 
  • The contract service provider must comply with all ordinances, rules and regulations relating to the provision of food-services on the premises and to the preservation of the public health. 

Gallery Responsibilities 

  • The Gallery will provide, and incur the cost of all heat, ventilation, air conditioning, light, natural gas, electrical power, domestic hot and cold water and fire detection and fire extinguishing systems. 
  • The Gallery will provide and incur the cost of appropriate containers for garbage and recycling. 
  • The Gallery will provide and incur the cost of a complete program of pest and rodent control. 
  • The Gallery will provide telephone and internet lines for Café Beaverbrook. 
  • The Gallery will maintain grease traps, plumbing and related fixtures. 
  • The Gallery will not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of any of the contract service provider’s employees' personal belongings and/or any of the contract service provider’s equipment or materials being used in the provision of services or stored on the premises. 
  • The Gallery will provide and incur the cost of appropriate building security measures. 


Equipment: Item Product Manufacture and Model
Rapid Cook Oven Alto-Shaam Vector 
Solid Door Refrigerator True TWT-48 
Under Counter Dish Machine Champion 501HT 
Espresso Coffee Machine Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II 2GR Digit 
Counter Top Drop-In Sink Antonee A112.19.3/CSA B-45.4 
Counter Top Drop-In Sink Advance Tabco D1-1-25 
Soup Well Vollrath 72021 
Coffee Bean Grinder COMPAK 601733 
Deli Case Canadian Display Systems SQR4 
10 Coffee Brewing Machine Bunn 23001.6017 
11 Coffee carafe 2.5L Airpot Bunn 13041.6000 
12 Ice Machine lce-O-Matic ICEU 220HA 
13 4 Door Refrigerator I Freezer Combination True T-49DT-4 
14 2 Door Refrigerator True T-23-2