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Ry O’Toole

July 18, 2022 - July 31, 2022

Ry O’Toole's film and video work has been shown at Cannes Film Festival (Telefilm Canada Not Short on Talent), Toronto International Film Festival, WNDX Festival of the Moving Image, and others. Ry’s first feature-length project, Further Than The Eye Can See, supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Telefilm Canada, and the province of New Brunswick is currently in post-production.

During his residency, Ry plans to create a series of single-channel looping video paintings. The pieces will consist entirely of digital video textures, displayed on a 4K 27” monitor. O’Toole will capture, create, render, and process textures and moving image assets inspired by paintings from the gallery’s permanent collection via high-definition digital video and imaging software. These materials will then be manipulated, layered, and weaved into a single-channel video. This extensive process, which unfolds in real-time, will be viewable to the public via large monitors at my workstation. He will be open to discussing and explaining the process to guests.

Hours in studio:

Mon July 18, 1-5pm 

Tues July 19, 11am-5pm

Wed July 20, 11am-5pm 

Thurs July 21, 1-5pm 

Mon July 25, 1-5pm

Tues July 26,11am-5pm

Wed July 27, 11am-5pm

Thurs July 28, 11am-5pm

Fri July 29, 2-5pm