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I-Chun Jenkins

May 2, 2022 - May 30, 2022

I-Chun Jenkins

I- Chun Jenkins, a fibre artist for more than 20 years, has pushed the boundaries of fibre materials that can be woven, twisted, and shaped into 2 dimensional pieces of art. Her works are displayed around the world in galleries and private collections.

Transformation – Reality to Abstraction

The manipulation of paper and plastic

I- Chun Jenkins, a traditional weaver of natural and synthetic fibres, explores the possibilities of manipulating recycled paper and plastic products into architecturally influenced shapes and structures.

I- Chun is deeply inspired by the natural environment around us. Observing the vast amount of discard plastic and paper, not only in her daily life, but in society in general, she mused on ways to use these now redundant products in her capacity as an artist to create something wonderous and spellbinding.

Using such techniques as crocheting, weaving and material manipulation, I- Chun will use her artistic intellect to cultivate a piece of work that not only represents her beliefs in repurposing materials, but also inspire the way we think about our environment around us.

Hours in studio:

Tuesday 12-5

Wednesday 12-5

Thursday 12-6

Friday 11-3

Saturday 11-4

Sunday 12-5