Stay Connected with the Gallery

During these uncertain times, we understand the comfort that art can bring. That’s why, even though the Gallery may be closed to visitors for the time being, we’re still here for you virtually. Our exhibitions, programming, and digital teams have been hard at work finding new ways to bring the Gallery to you at home!

Here is a list of some of the ways that you can stay connected and enjoy our programs and collections. We will be adding to this page regularly so check back in to see what’s new.


Looking to read more about art and culture in Atlantic Canada, see BillieMag.

Read our blog here.


Listen to the CBC podcast with our Manager of Collections and Exhibitions, John Leroux here.


Hear about the collection with videos from our Manager of Collections and Exhibitions, John Leroux here

Walk through our exhibitions digitally here.


Create Art with your families here.

Get your Art Camp BAG - a Gallery experience in your own home here.


See our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for even more information and glimpses into our Collections.

See the gallery's updates regarding Covid-19 here.

Keep updated on the current covid-19 recommendations here.