National Indigenous Peoples Day

Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery!

June 21

Program includes: solstice ceremony with Sacred Pipe; drumming and dancing with artists from New Brunswick First Nations communities; and a presentation on the Wabanaki.

11:00: Drumming and Dancers with the Muskrat Singers Kyanna Kingbird, Amanda Reid, and Paskwa Lightning.

11:30: Pipe Ceremony

12:00: Awakening the Drums. Sharing the naming and story of each drum; 13 Moon Teachings (Summer Moon)

1 pm: Wabanaki Portal Presentation with David Perley 

1:30: Natalie Sappier Artist Talk and Performance 
Natalie Sappier (Samaqani Cocahq):  Artist talk about her collaboration with Imelda Perley on painting the stories for the ceremonial drums, followed by her personal creative process of creating story through visual art, writing, spoken word and chant.


Funded by the Government of Canada