Sculpture, meet Painting… Painting, meet Sculpture

Gerald Beaulieu (Canadian, b. 1964), Guardian (detail), 1995. Spruce burned black, 176.0 x 57.0 x 82.0 cm. Gift of the Artist.

July 16 - December 30, 2018    |    Regular Exhibition

As viewers, we often consider artworks as standalone objects – as single items for singular contemplation. But how might we read and understand these works of art differently, depending on what other works of art are nearby? Drawing inspiration from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s diverse permanent collection, and from cinematic montage theory, this exhibition brings together paintings and sculptures face-to-face in new relationships. By situating these in dynamic and unexpected dialogues with each other, we hope to stimulate new conversations about, and perspectives on, some familiar artworks.

Curated by John Leroux and organized by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.