Living Lightly on the Earth: building an Ark for Prince Edward Island, 1974-76

Solsearch architects (David Bergmark and Ole Hammarlund) at the PEI Ark (detail), 1976.

September 27 - December 30, 2019    |    Regular Exhibition

In 1974, Prince Edward Island saw the design and creation of “a new commitment to living lightly on the earth.” The resulting PEI Ark was an innovative bioshelter offering a self-sufficient living environment for a family of four, providing for food and energy needs, and enabling a new and symbiotic relationship between its inhabitants and the ecosystem of their home. The Ark was remarkable for its creative collaboration between official and local cultures and the emerging counterculture. A decade and a half after its demolition, the Ark remains a touchstone for many, a memory of a vision of a sustainable future. Told through evocative architectural drawings, models and images, the story offers lessons and inspiration for meeting our present-day environmental challenges.

Exhibition curated by Steven Mannell and organized by the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.