Emilie Grace Lavoie: Environment

Emilie Grace Lavoie (Canadian), Symbiose (detail) (2017). Recycled clay, glaze. 75 cm x 63 cm x 91 cm.

January 10 - June 19, 2020    |    Regular Exhibition

Emerging ceramic artist Emilie Grace Lavoie has garnered regional and international praise for her recent glazed clay sculptural works that evoke ambiguity and life through their irregular accretion of fragments and their organic form.

“By combining the exquisite with the catastrophic,” she says, “my ceramic work comes from my growing awareness of the current environmental discord. With clay, I research through scale, fragility, materiality, and accumulation. I explore a way of negotiating the arousing awareness of a co-relationship between humans and their ecology, as well as highlighting the complex ever-changing relationship between living species and the unknown impact of environmental degradation.”

Curated by John Leroux and Christina Thomson and organized by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.