Darren Emenau: Olio

Darren Emenau (Canadian). Tubes and vessels from the exhibition Darren Emenau – Olio, 2018. Multi-fired Cone 06 earthenwares, MNO lichen glaze. Collection of the artist

April 6 - June 9, 2019    |    Regular Exhibition

New Brunswick artist Darren Emenau’s clay creations emerge from unharnessed and playful explorations of form and materials. Olio showcases a varied collection of hand-made ceramic objects, ranging from irregularly-shaped vessels to wall pieces. The works are the culmination of a fertile period of experimentation, resulting in innovative leaps for the artist. New forms were developed, dramatic shifts in scale employed, and new objects conceived within the context of contemporary installation. When viewed en masse the objects are like unearthed fragments from unknown terrain.

Exhibition organized by the University of Maine Museum of Art.

April 11, 7:00 pm: Beyond the mud: Curating the Ceramic Art of Darren Emenau. Join artist Darren Emenau, exhibition curator George Kinghorn (Director, University of Maine Museum of Art), Kate Wallace (catalogue author), and John Leroux (Manager of Collections and Exhibitions, Beaverbrook Art Gallery) for a discussion of the artist’s practice and the exhibition, Olio.