Beaverbrook150 Membership Promotion

2017 is a big year: We’re celebrating 150 years of Canadian Confederation along with the rest of Canada, and we’ll be celebrating the opening of our new pavilion and our bigger, bolder Beaverbrook in October.

Over the nearly six decades of our Gallery’s life, members have played a major role in supporting the Gallery and its programs, and in participating in the Gallery’s life and celebrations. As we move toward more space, more art, and more activity, we want more people to experience the Gallery too.

That’s why we’re running a special promotion this year: Beaverbrook150, a specially-priced, 150 day membership, to give you a  taste of what Gallery membership is all about.

How does it work?

It’s simple: Until December 31st, get your Beaverbrook150 membership, now only $15 for an individual or a family membership.

You will get 150 days (nearly 5 months!) of every membership benefit to try out from your date of purchase: shop discounts, discounted or free access to programs, free Gallery admission, and more!

If you like it, we hope you’ll consider becoming an annual member; not only do you get those benefits for longer, but you also help support the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and its programs. Through membership, you can find your own artistic inspiration,  and help us to inspire others through the visual arts.


Members, Share the Love Special:

We know our members can be some of our biggest advocates in sharing a love of art and supporting the Gallery.

So, if you’re already a member of the Gallery (with an annual membership), you can buy a special Beaverbrook150 membership as a gift for friends, family, and anyone else you think would enjoy the Gallery. When you do, you get a special, reduced member’s price of only $10 each! Plus, not only can you help share art with our community and invite your friends to partake in Gallery experiences with you, but you will also receive an extra entry in our Party at the Pavilion contest for the first five you purchase. Learn more here.