Campaign Newsletter - January 2014

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The Beaverbrook Campaign has seen significant progress in all three pillars of the campaign’s foundational strategy over the past six months. At press time the Campaign has exceeded $16 million of the $25 million goal with support directed towards infrastructure, endowment, and programming.

Congratulations to all involved with the Beaverbrook Campaign and a sincere thank you to all our contributors and supporters. While still in what can be called ‘the quiet phase of the campaign’ we are now confident that all of the criteria established by the Board of Governors will be met to enable a public launch in 2014. The year 2014 will be one of transition as we take the dream of Lord Beaverbrook to a new level as the gallery brings more art to more communities and welcomes more visitors from around the world.

The federal, provincial and municipal governments have continued to provide support to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery to allow the enrichment of life and our economy through art by providing citizens of all ages throughout New Brunswick the opportunity to experience the positive impact of the visual arts in their daily life. We are pleased to inform you of many new gallery initiatives that have been made possible through the Beaverbrook Campaign and the generosity of the Gallery’s many patrons. We are grateful to the individuals, corporations and foundations who have contributed to the gallery’s endowment, infrastructure and programs. To learn more about naming opportunities and the Beaverbrook Campaign please contact:

Bernard Riordon,
Nancy Coy,

TD Sculpture Garden Officially Opened to Public
The Beaverbrook Art Gallery dedicated the TD Sculpture Garden in June 2013 during a special inaugural reception. The TD Sculpture Garden is located between the Gallery and the Crowne Plaza Lord Beaverbrook Hotel and includes the Gallery’s backyard. Cobblestone paths of the Garden connect with the Saint John River walking trail and Queen Street which leads to the downtown core. The landscaping of the garden includes perennial flowers, grasses, shrubs and cobblestone paths. Six memorial benches provide seating for members of the public who wish to enjoy the natural setting. The TD Sculpture Garden was made possible by a gift of $300,000 from TD Bank Group. The garden landscaping and sculpture court were also supported by Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) as part of the Gallery’s Phase 1 Revitalization project.

“For over 50 years, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery has been a hub for culture and art here in the city of Fredericton,” said Brian Gervais, Senior Vice President, Retail Banking, TD Bank Group, at the reception.  “Each year the gallery continues to engage and inspire residents and visitors alike with their incredible exhibits and programming and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. We look forward to seeing what the new
TD Sculpture Garden will bring to the community for future generations to enjoy in years to come.”

At the TD Sculpture Garden official opening from left to right: Terry Graff, Director, CEO and Chief Curator; Brian Gervais, Senior VP, Retail Banking, TD Bank Group; Matt Sheridan, TD Bank Group; Dion Graham, TD Bank Group; Allison McCain, Chair, Board of Governors

Board Room Named for Barry and Arlene Kyle
The Gallery acknowledged a gift of $60,000 from Bathurst residents Barry and Arlene Kyle, by naming its board room in their honour. At a luncheon held at the Gallery to mark the occasion, Barry Kyle, an award-winning entrepreneur who has contributed significantly in his own region of northern New  Brunswick, said he and his wife chose to give to an arts organization for the first time, because the
Gallery was a world-class institution and they wanted to be part of it. Mr. Kyle is CEO of Industrial Rubber Ltd., and Chairman of the board at the Port of Belledune, and has been involved with many community organizations.

“The Gallery is awe-inspiring. You can’t understand that until you actually come and see it and experience it. It was an eye-opening experience for me and I would like to encourage everyone to come and visit it. It is truly a New Brunswick treasure,” he said.

Shown at the dedication ceremony of the Barry and Arlene Kyle Board room at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery from left to right: Larry Sheppard, member of the Gallery’s Board of Governors; Terry Graff, Director, CEO and Chief Curator; Barry and Arlene Kyle; and Gallery Director Emeritus Bernard Riordon. Photo: Rob Blanchard.

Gift From Bruno Bobak Estate Establishes Artist-In-Residence Studio
The Gallery is adding an Artist-in-Residence Studio to its facilities as a tribute to Bruno Bobak, a well-known Canadian artist who died in September 2012. The studio is being made possible by a gift of $250,000 from the estate of Bruno Bobak, which also includes a gift of 175 artworks.

“As a result of his generosity and the generosity of his family, friends, and admirers, the Bruno Bobak Artist-in-Residence Studio will be a tribute to his great legacy and will provide opportunities and empowerment for artists for generations to come,” said Director Emeritus Bernard Riordon who is responsible for the overall leadership of the Beaverbrook Campaign. Resident artists will be able to undertake their own work and engage with people of all ages through face-to-face contact and hands-on experience with art in the newly-designated studio. Part of the residency will also include public demonstrations, talks, mentoring activities, classes and workshops.

From left to right: Bernard Riordon, Director Emeritus; Alex and Edith Bobak; Terry Graff, Director, CEO and Chief Curator; and Allison McCain, chair of the Board of Governors. Photo: Rob Blanchard.

Studio Watch: Emerging Artist Series
The StudioWatch program focuses on painting and is dedicated to the presentation of work of emerging artists. It is made possible with the generous financial support of Earl Brewer and Sandy Brewer, who are committed to providing artists of New Brunswick with an opportunity to be celebrated, to excel in their field, and to advance to the next step in their career. Along with the opportunity of an exhibition for the first time in a major art museum, a purchase award is also provided, as well as an incentive to other art patrons to support the feature artist and other young artists in New Brunswick.

Sandy Brewer at the opening of the John Edward Cushnie Exhibition

Manulife has confirmed a commitment of $55,000 to the Beaverbrook Campaign for the ActionArt outreach program. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery will use this support to enhance volunteer initiatives, primarily through training and resources for the docent program. The Gallery’s volunteer docent program has been in place for25 years and has built strong credentials for its training structure and quality of experience. Expansion of this program will mean greater accessibility for school groups and a wider range of services to Gallery visitors. More details will be announced in the near future.

Marion McCain Atlantic Exhibition of Contemporary Art
The Marion McCain Atlantic Exhibition of Contemporary Art is scheduled for 2015 and will draw from a wide range of artistic practices and cross-cultural contexts and serve as a platform for artists to engage with a diverse audience in an examination of the cultural geography of Atlantic Canada while situating their work within a broader global and contemporary context. The Marion McCain Atlantic Exhibition of Contemporary Art is made possible through a commitment of $1 million from the Harrison McCain Foundation, the McCain Foundation and McCain family members. More details will be announced in the near future.

January 2014