FACE2FACE program

A high-quality, unique learning experience.

The Face2Face School Tour subsidy program, supported by CIBC and CN, provides an engaging and accessible point of entry to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s exhibitions for elementary and secondary school students. Many schools have already taken advantage of this valuable program, and the Gallery is encouraging even more schools to participate.

“The Face2Face program gives students a high-quality, unique learning experience, which allows them to explore the visual arts, to better appreciate and understand the conceptual and technical side of art-making, and to strengthen visual literacy and thinking skills,” says the Gallery’s Manager of Public Programs, Adda Mihailescu.

A one-hour exhibition tour, specifically designed for school groups, encourages students to find both pleasure and meaning in the visual arts. Students tour several current exhibitions, which may include selections of both contemporary and historical works of art from the Gallery’s Canadian, British, and
European collections and thematic exhibitions organized by the Gallery. The tours are led by volunteer Docents, who facilitate active engagement with works of art, encourage conversations, and provide information. They have special stories to tell about the artworks and make their tours interactive and grade-appropriate.

In preparation for their tour, teachers are encouraged to engage their students in a pre-visit discussion and to notify Gallery Education staff of any projects or assignments the class will be working on while on-site at the Gallery. This enables tours to be tailored to the direct needs of the students. Teachers also have the choice of an optional art-making session following their tour.

Deidre Cowperthwaite, who brought her Grade 4 students from Hartland Community School for a tour of the Gallery, provides the following testimonial of the program:

Whether it was for art appreciation and expanding their horizons, or whether for some it was just having the experience of visiting a gallery or museum for the first time, all of the students left with a broader view of the world they live in. The subsidy was of great value, and for some schools it is necessary in order to help cover the costs of field trips which schools have to fundraise for. I would absolutely recommend the tour to other teachers and schools. The group sizes were very manageable and the students were engaged in the artwork they were viewing. They had the opportunity to see a wide variety of different artistic styles and periods.

Face2Face School Tour subsidies are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The subsidy covers the cost of Gallery admission for students, teachers and chaperones. Modest additional funding is available for schools that are 100 to 400 kilometres from Fredericton to help with transportation costs.

Confirmation that a classroom will receive a subsidy is sent by the Gallery within two weeks of receiving the application. Teachers must make their own bus/transportation arrangements for their class. A School Tour Guide, which provides information on how to apply for the Face2Face subsidy and about school tours in general, is available from education@beaverbrookartgallery.org or by calling Liliana Mitrovic, Tour Booking Coordinator at 458.0973.