Bruno Bobak Artist-in-Residence Studio: Featured Artist

Part of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s recent expansion, the Bruno Bobak Artist-in-Residence Studio hosts artists and arts professionals by providing them with space to undertake their own creative work. In this studio environment, participants are encouraged to draw inspiration from the permanent collection while engaging with visitors in many different ways. 

As artists are undertaking their residency, Gallery visitors will have the opportunity to experience the creation of new works of art, and to learn more about the artistic process. Artists from across New Brunswick, Canada, and beyond will be invited to work and interact with the public through designated short- or medium-term residencies. Artists working in all media, as well as storytellers, educators, filmmakers, curators, writers, and performers, are invited to participate. By hosting a richly diverse group of creators, we will be able to add engaging new dimensions to the Gallery’s exhibitions and programs.

The studio program, which receives support from government and private funding sources, will provide visiting artists-in-residence with the time and space to create new body of work.

Residencies might include public demonstrations, presentations and talks, mentoring opportunities, and art instruction workshops and classes. Artists-in-residence will also work with Gallery staff and docents, teachers and instructors, student tours, community groups, and visitors of all ages. Residencies will be also be available for presentations, demonstrations, workshops and activities.

This program is offered as part of the Scotiabank Artist Residency Program.


KC Wilcox, October 7 - 13

KC Wilcox (b. 1992) is a New Brunswick based multimedia artist and organizer. She graduated from NSCAD in 2014, and lives in Saint John. She has exhibited across Canada and screened at film festivals internationally. She is a former Executive Director of Connexion, an artist-run centre for contemporary art in Fredericton, NB.

Residency Description

Artist-in-residence KC Wilcox will be developing new work in line with her piece Tree in Preservation, included in the upcoming exhibition Depository Park, opening on October 13th in the Lower Gallery. 

“While developing a piece for Depository Park, I was thinking about how to reclassify objects that were designed for storing information. I was attempting to approach preserving nature by means of preserving memory. For me, this highlighted a complicated relationship between people and nature. I want to continue this investigation so that I can better understand my own view on how to understand and coexist with the natural world, and how this relates to Western worldviews on nature. I believe it begins within my own body, as my body exists as a part of the biological world, and in challenging the ways in which I have come to know nature, manipulate it, and submit it to my desires.”

From October 7th through 13th, visitors are welcome to drop-in during studio hours, view in progress work, ask questions, and chat with KC.


Herménégilde Chiasson, October 14 - 19

Considered a pioneer of Acadian modernism, Herménégilde Chiasson has been a practicing visual artist, poet, playwright, and arts advocate for over 50 years. Born in Saint Simon, New Brunswick, Chiasson graduated from Université de Moncton in 1967 and went on to complete four more degrees, finishing with a Doctorate at the Sorbonne, in Paris, in 1983. He has since returned to Acadie to continue working on his art, while also engaging in a variety of other artistic and cultural activities.

His work has been shown in over 100 exhibitions, including 18 solo exhibitions. In addition to visual arts, Chiasson has published several books, plays, and texts in literary magazines; he has also produced more than 14 films. The exhibition Herménégilde Chiasson: For 50 Years at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery features one artwork from each of the first fifty years of his ongoing visual arts career.

Visit Chiasson in the Bruno Bobak Artist-in-Residence Studio 10:30 am- 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. 

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