BILLIE: Volume 1 Issue 2

Volume 1 Issue 2

In its second issue, BILLIE explores Inside/outside as its theme. A cross-section of writers cover a wide range of artists’ work in relation to Atlantic Canada’s place in the rest of the world, and the world’s place in the development of the visual arts of the region. It is a meditation on comparisons, influences, exchanges and relationships between the local and the global in Atlantic visual arts. The potential of art to provide a sense of local specificity, of community and belonging, is contrasted with the phenomenon of globalization, which blurs the lines between ‘regional’ and ‘global’, ‘central’ and ‘peripheral’. The feature article, Off the Radar: Impressions of the Contemporary New Brunswick Art Scene through Maine Eyes, presents the observations and insights of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s first critic-in-residence, Edgar Allen Beem, an award-winning freelance journalist from Brunswick, Maine, who was the former art critic for Maine Times and the Portland Independent.

Inside/Outside is a fitting theme for the second issue of this publication—though produced through the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the goal and scope of BILLIE reaches far outside the institutional walls of the Gallery. BILLIE is a journal about the visual arts and culture of Atlantic Canada, encompassing the communities and cultures of all four of its constituent provinces. Critics, artists, and writers from across the region and beyond are invited to contribute to calls for ideas for future issues of the journal.