Masterworks tour

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery recently launched the North American tour of the exhibition Masterworks of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. To help our visitors know which works are on tour (and so are not on display), here is the entire list of works that are part of the exhibition.

For venues and itineraries of this travelling exhibition, please see this page.

Boudin, Eugene

Personnages sur la plage

Boudin, Eugene

Madame Juliette dans le jardin

Boudin, Eugene

Pardon à Sainte-Anne-la-Palud

Bruyn the Elder, Bartholomäus
Andre Reidmor

Burne-Jones, Edward Coley

Portrait of a Young Woman

Carmichael, Franklin

Autumn: Orillia

Carr, Emily

Indian Village: Alert Bay

Chambers, George

The Crew of HMS 'Terror' Saving the Boats and Provisions on the Night of 15th

Constable, John

Scene of Woods and Water

Copley, John Singleton

Abigail Belcher

Cranach the Elder, Lucas

Cullen, Maurice Galbraith
St. James Cathedral, Dominion Sq., Montreal

Dali, Salvador
Santiago El Grande

Dali, Salvador
Equestrian Fantasy: Lady Dunn

Dali, Salvador
La Turbie: Sir James Dunn

Delacroix, Eugène
Lady Macbeth Sleep-Walking

Etty, William
The Flower Girl

Freud, Lucian
Hotel Bedroom

Gagnon, Clarence Alphonse
Les deux plages: Paramé et Saint-Malo

Gainsborough, Thomas
Lieutenant-Colonel Edmund Nugent

Harris, Lawren Stewart

Harris, Robert
Margery Davidson ("Mary Morison")

Hepworth, Barbara
The Operation: Case for Discussion

Hogarth, William
John Pine

Humphrey, Jack Weldon
The White Pitcher

Jackson, Alexander Young
Grey Day, Les Éboulements

John, Augustus Edwin

Jongkind, Johan Barthold
Les patineurs, près de Schipluiden

Kane, Paul
West Coast Indian Encampment

Krieghoff, Cornelius

Lawrence, Thomas
A Portrait Group of Mrs. John Thomson and Her Son Charles Edward Poulett

Lewis, Percy Wyndham
The Mud Clinic

Lowry, Laurence Stephen
Industrial View, Lancashire

MacDonald, James Edward
Evening, Thornhill

Matisse, Henri

May, Henrietta Mabel
The Three Sisters

Mercier, Philippe
Bacchanalian Piece: Sir Thomas Samwell and Friends

Milne, David Brown
Mocassin Flower

Morrice, James Wilson
Le Quai des Grands-Augustins, Paris

Mytens, Jan
The Cotterell Family

Nicholson, Ben
Still Life on a Table

Orpen, William
Mona Dunn

Ramsay, Allan
Victoria Kynaston

Reynolds, Joshua
Mrs. Thrale and her Daughter Hester (Queeney)

Reynolds, Joshua
Mrs. Billington as St. Cecilia

Romney, George
Charles Lennox, later 4th Duke of Richmond, Duke of Lennox and of Aubigny

Sadler, Walter Dendy
The Pegged Down Fishing Match

Sargent, John Singer
San Vigilio, Lake Garda

Serres, Dominic
The Intendant's Palace, Quebec

Severini, Gino
View from a Balcony

Sickert, Walter Richard
Sunday Afternoon

Sickert, Walter Richard
Mr. Sheepshank's House, Camden Crescent, Bath

Sickert, Walter Richard
Lansdown Crescent, Bath

Sickert, Walter Richard
H. M. King Edward VIII

Simon, Lucien
Les Carrioles

Sisley, Alfred
La falaise de Penarth, le soir-temps orageux

Spencer, Stanley
The Marriage at Cana: A Servant in the Kitchen Announcing the Miracle

Stillman, Marie Spartali
Girl with White Roses - Self Portrait

Sutherland, Graham Vivian
Helena Rubinstein

Sutherland, Graham Vivian
Study of Churchill - Grey Background

Sutherland, Graham Vivian
Study of Sir Winston Churchill - Head

Sutherland, Graham Vivian
Study of Churchill's Face

Sutherland, Graham Vivian
Study of Churchill's Eyes

Sutherland, Graham Vivian
Study Sir Winston Churchill's Hands

Sutherland, Graham Vivian
Portfolio - Hands - Sir Winston Churchill

Sutherland, Graham Vivian
Portrait of Lord Beaverbrook

Thomson, Tom

Tissot, James
A Passing Storm

Tonks, Henry
Hunt the Thimble

Turner, Joseph Mallord William
The Fountain of Indolence

Walker, Horatio
The First Snow

Waterhouse, John William
Head of a Young Woman (Study for Miranda, the Tempest)

Webster, Thomas
A Slide

Wood, John Christopher
Window, St. Ives, Cornwall