On Display Now: Lullaby of Park-Land

Beaverbrook Art GalleryNovember 27, 20180 Comments

Lullaby of Park-Land, by Andréa Peters; part of the exhibition Depository Park.

This artwork features a collection of items Peters had with her while homeless and living predominately in Odell Park, along with other locations around the city. A poncho that has been patched multiple times, a saxophone she would play to an audience of ducks, dumpster diving maps, and a box of “pocket treasures” make up this installation.

In her own words, “I never felt void of a home, living among the trees. Roaming in urban forests all over the city, I felt no need to worry about permanence (or lack thereof) either. For six years, the trees and I grew and shifted from day-to-day, and season to season, together. I kept some of my food caches & dumpster diving maps after reintegrating the indoors. The memories and lessons, I carry in pockets still.”

Peters invites everyone to share any bits of paper they’ve been carrying around, or write about something they can’t part with on a daily basis, and add them to the container. Her written work, A Guide to Nomadic Living, can also be found on the desk as part of the exhibition.


Depository Park is curated collectively and organized by Connexion ARC. It is on display at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery until December 16, 2018.

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