Collecting our Thoughts: Toy Horse Photogram

Beaverbrook Art GalleryApril 10, 20170 Comments

Max Streicher (Canadian, b.1958) has been identified as one of the leading installation sculptors at work in Canada. His works have been commissioned for display worldwide. For three decades, his works have typically been the creation of inflatable sculptures for indoor and outdoor locations. However, the work Toy Horse Photogram, 2006 gives us a rare glimpse into the artist’s experimentation with different media. The image was created with the help of celebrated Canadian photographer Michael Flomen (Canadian, b. 1952) in 2006. The work retains the equestrian subject that is the hallmark of the artist’s creations, yet, unlike his sculptures, Streicher’s photogram is seemingly vestige and almost threatens to evaporate before the viewer.


Collecting our thoughts is an occasional series of short reflections on works in the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s permanent collection. We want to share some of the treasures we have in the building (and on display) with our guests and members of our community, and tell you a little about why we think they’re special – and hopefully you’ll agree!

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