Board of Governors

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery has a Board of Governors representing business, education, law and the community at large.  Members of the Board of Governors are responsible for the overall direction of the Gallery and generously volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise to ensure the institution’s effective operation.

Photo: Board meeting of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery's first Board of Governors

Board Member
James C. Irving, Chair
Andrew Forestell , Secretary-Treasurer
Tom Smart, Director/CEO
Hon. Maxwell F. Aitken
Jeff Alpaugh
Thierry Arseneau
Ann Birks
Earl Brewer
Herménégilde Chiasson, ONB
Dr. Richard J. Currie, O.C.
Elizabeth Currie
Ann McCain Evans
Dr. Lucinda Flemer, C.M.
Norah Mallory
Denis Savoie
Paul Simmonds
Lana Tingley-Lacroix
Honorary Governors
Judith Budovitch, C.M., Q.C., Honorary Chair
Robert L. Benn, Honorary Governor
Dr. Robert D. Neill, P.Eng., Honorary Governor
* on leave of absence