Annual Reports

This page provides access to digital copies of past Annual Reports. These documents are provided in both languages, either combined into one document, or separated into two, unilingual files. These documents are provided as PDF files, meaning you will need a reader capable of opening these files (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader) to view them.

The most recent main annual report document is listed below on the right; all others, including additional documents for a given year (such as audited financial statements and acquisitions, when these have been uploaded separately) are below to the left.


Download Option

2015 - Acquisitions

English | Français (~1.0MB)

2015 - Audited Financial Statements

English | Français (~4.0MB)

2014 - Audited Financial Statements

English | Français (~3.0MB)


English | Français (~2.0MB)

2013 (Annual Report)

English | Français (~2.7MB)

2013 (Acquisitions)

English | Français (~1.5MB)

2013 (Audited Financial Statements)

English | Français (~1MB)


English | Français (~1.5MB)